CASE: Productfeed Management, Search Engine Advertising, Consultancy Services & Remarketing

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    Productfeed Management

    In order to display products from an e-commerce website via multiple online channels, productfeeds are used to export product databases. We helped Fitnessdelivery setting up all different productfeeds and are continuously optimizing these feeds based on product performance.

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    Search Engine Advertising

    Next to general text ads within Google AdWords, the best way to promote the products of Fitnessdelivery is by advertising in Google Shopping. We advertise, optimize & maximize sales within every important channel.

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    Consultancy Services

    Knowing everything about e-commerce websites, we also provide general consultancy services in maintenance & optimization of important e-commerce platforms like Magento, Woocommerce, Lightspeed (SEOshop) & others.

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    Remarketing is a great way for Fitnessdelivery to stay in touch with their target audience. We can retarget all visitors of the website and show them specific ads of the products or services they were interested in, on multiple channels like the Google Display Network, Facebook, Criteo & others.

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